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You trust your attorney to use his knowledge and expertise to help you, but when his actions cause you harm, that trust is broken. When you are betrayed, you should seek the counsel of a legal malpractice Lawyer in SC. So what constitutes malpractice and makes you eligible for compensation?


There are many rules and deadlines to help govern your attorney's conduct and ensure that the legal system runs smoothly. When your attorney fails to meet these deadlines it can cause all sorts of problems with your case, even earning you a default judgment. If you have suffered because of his inaction, you may be entitled to compensation.


A good defense is key to your case, so when your attorney fails to present a viable option and it hurts your case, his conduct could get him in trouble. Proving this type of case may be difficult, though, as you won’t win unless you can prove that your outcome suffered because of his actions.


You hire your attorney to be your legal representative, which means he is supposed to take the course of action you choose. If he disregards your wishes and proceeds to act on his own, you may need the assistance of a legal malpractice lawyer in SC. Of course, if you signed an agreement stating that he could proceed without obtaining your consent, or if following your wishes would cause him to do something illegal or unethical, then he would not be held liable for deviating from your wishes.


Your attorney is required to present any settlement offers that come your way. If he fails to mention the settlement offer or omits any of its details, then you may be entitled to compensation. Again, in order to win type of this case you will have to prove that the settlement would have given you better results than the actual outcome and that you would have accepted that settlement.


Negligent behavior from your attorney is not only disappointing; it is reprehensible. Finding a new attorney to sue your old attorney could be difficult, but if his negligence caused you harm, then you deserve some reparation.

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